Society views sexual assault as one of the most horrific crimes committed by one human being against another, but the “rescue” has the potential to make the experience even more difficult for the victim, in essence re-traumatizing them (Nugent-Borakove et al., 2006). In the United States in 2018, almost 140,000 victims reported being sexually assaulted (U.S. Department of Justice - Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2019). In Texas, over 6 million individuals have been sexually assaulted in their lifetime (Busch-Armendariz et al., 2015). Getting victims to a specially trained sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) as quickly as possible improves outcomes. SANEs provide physical, mental, and emotional care and improve the odds of a successful conviction of the attacker (Clowers, 2018). However, SANE availability is limited for several reasons. There are not enough of them for the number of sexual assaults; not every emergency department (ED) has them; there may not be one on-duty at the closest ED. The SANE Finder app was designed to provide a quick, easy-to-use mobile app that first responders at a sexual assault incident could use to identify the location of an on-duty SANE immediately.

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Spring 4-28-2022

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DNP Scholarly Project



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Dr. Cheryl Parker, Dr. Lauri John


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