Over 70% of reported sentinel events are due to communication failure between patients, care providers, and/or administration. Safety Huddle has been shown to increase effective communication among healthcare providers. The application of Safety Huddle concept to behavioral health inpatient care is new. Therefore, this scholarly project utilizes the evidence-based practice change steps to improve teamwork and patient safety in the behavioral health inpatient units using Safety Huddle concepts. The Safety Huddle is a team-building tool that increases effective communication among healthcare providers. A review of the literature was conducted. The evidence suggests that Safety Huddle, a tool for effective communication, significantly improves patient safety and promotes teamwork and problem solving. It appears that the implementation of Safety Huddle may create a platform for behavioral health organizations to improve and empower efficient organizational responses to events that threaten patient safety.

Date of publication

Spring 5-3-2021

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DNP Scholarly Project



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Dr. Carol Rizer, DNP, APRN, CRNA-ret, Committee Chair, Dr. Pamela K. Greene PhD, RN, NEA-BC , Dr. Michelle Bosworth MD, FAAFP, LSSGB


Doctor of Nursing Practice