Over the past three decades, Vocational Nursing has been taught using a conventional didactic method that is content heavy and lecture focused. Despite having a group of highly qualified professors and an excellent student pass rates on the National board examinations, student retention in a Vocational Nursing Program in central Texas remains below the National benchmark. With a unique student demographic that is identified as non-traditional (over 21, full-time working adults, English Second Language and single parents), we embarked upon the redesign of a Medical-Surgical Nursing course using the flipped pedagogical framework to increase retention rates. Therefore, in 2019 we flipped our classroom. In flipping our classroom, we eliminated the didactic delivery of content via lectures by uploading all lecture content into our learning management system (VidGrid), The focus was towards higher level thinking, applying and understanding of the online didactic modular content. The effectiveness of the FC approach was evaluated by analyzing the exam grades in the piolet FC and at the end of the semester. The data generated from this analysis indicated an 85 percent increase in exam grades and 70.4 percent increase in retention rates.

Date of publication

Spring 5-13-2020

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DNP Scholarly Project



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Sandra Peterson, DNP, APRN, FNP/GNP-BC, PMHNP, Yolanda Hall, RN, MSN, Cheryl Parker, Marcie Lusk, DNP, APRN, FNP-C Lusk DNP,RN


Doctor of Nursing Practice