Parkland Memorial Hospital (PMH) has many patients with diabetes under its care (Parkland Health & Hospital System, 2019a). Lewis et al. (2015) found that most patients with diabetes seeking care in a large urban ED lacked the basic diabetes survival knowledge needed to stay healthy. Poor diabetes control leads to complications and illness, which leads to repeat ED visits and inpatient admissions. A further literature review supported providing patients with additional diabetes education to reduce admissions.

This project will train the ED Registered Nurses (RN) to provide additional diabetes education at discharge and provide the patient with educational materials to review later. Costs are expected to be minimal, around $320 in staff training and less than $2 per patient. It is estimated to prevent over 800 repeat ED visits and 84 diabetes-related admissions.

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Fall 12-6-2020

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MSN Capstone Project



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