Pain is one of the main reasons people seek medical treatment in the United States (National Institutes of Health, 2017). Frequently, pain is inappropriately managed leading to negative patient outcomes that lead to prolonged discharge time that increases hospital costs (Trzeciak et al., 2018). This is due to improper assessment of pain which leads to challenges in pain management interventions, ultimately decreasing patient safety and satisfaction. By nature, pain reporting by patients is subjective. Various scales are utilized in the hospital setting, but these assessment scales only reflect pain intensity and are unidimensional, as opposed to pain experience and multidimensional (Schiaventao & Craig, 2010). The CAPA pain tool will ultimately not cost a significant expense to the organization. The costs will be contributed to the amount to build the tool and to pay the nurses to attend the training. This tool will create a competitive advantage for the hospital in the marketplace because it will allow for a novel comprehensive pain assessment to be implemented that has been shown to increase patient satisfaction and patient outcomes.

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Winter 12-6-2020

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