Transitioning from novice nurse to competent nurse can come with a great amount of stress, anxiety, and apprehension. Many new nurses feel inadequate and leave their first nursing job within one year for various reasons. Research has indicated that new nurse graduates who complete a nurse residency program (NRP) have a better sense of knowledge, critical thinking skills, and sense of belonging. Whereas nurses who do not complete a residency program often feel insufficient and are less prepared.

Although there are various types of general orientation programs available, it is important to educate new graduates on the advantages and significance that a NRP can offer. Henderson, Ossenberg, and Tyler (2015) recommended that interactive content days, along with supervised content days, promoted success in new graduate nurses. However, Williams, Scott, Tyndall, and Swanson (2018) recommended that there is no significant relationship between the type of mentoring and staff turnover rate if a nurse completes a one-to-one mentoring program or a group mentoring program. Therefore, it is important for new graduates to examine and choose a program wisely that will assist them to succeed in their professional career.

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Fall 12-6-2020

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