A benchmark project was conducted regarding the use of a CPM machine postoperatively to increase standardization of care for total knee replacement patients while also increasing the patient’s range of motion of the knee and decreasing the post-surgical pain. Over a six week period of time, each patient was given a CPM machine no later than 2 hours post op after the total knee replacement surgery and each patient was discharged after a one night stay in the hospital under observation instead of inpatient. When the patient were discharged they would be followed by a home health service who will monitor the patient until the 6 week follow up appointment with the surgeon. This standardization of care not only can help the patient’s recovery after their surgery, but can also cost effective to the hospital and helpful to the nurses to know what needs to be ordered for each total knee replacement patient.

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Fall 12-7-2020

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MSN Capstone Project



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Master in Nursing