The importance of controlling and better management of hypertension cannot be overemphasized, and the need for task sharing and multidisciplinary approach has never been more significant than in chronic conditions like hypertension. With many complications that it causes and with the many classes of drugs that we have in controlling blood pressure, having only 24 percent of people being controlled shows a break in knowledge and patient care. The gap can be filled with nurse involvement and taking more ownership and responsibility in tackling high numbers with interventions that are proven to work. Getting patients involved and following up with them is one of the tools that nurses can use in bringing light to the problem. Leaving patients without control and follow up visits every six months can cause people suffering with complications and being okay with numbers that are not near guidelines recommendations. Controlling hypertension is a rewarding task and one that will cause healthier life for many people and financially healthier system for all.

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Summer 8-14-2020

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MSN Capstone Project



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