Patient satisfaction is a topic of interest in many clinical settings. There are many ways healthcare providers can attempt to promote patient satisfaction. One of the most important is to ensure comprehensive discharge instructions are given to patients, especially in the emergency department (ED). One particular study found that in patients discharged from the emergency department, approximately one-fifth experience negative health-related issues that result in readmission or return visits to the ED in the month post-discharge (Campione, Smith & Mardon, 2017). “To reduce the readmission rate, various discharge planning and patient education programs have been provided to the patients preparing to go home, and many studies have reported that these efforts would reduce the unplanned readmission rate” (Oh, Lee, Yang, & Kim, 2019). Nurse practitioners are leaders in the healthcare field and should work to improve upon basic practices such as delivery of inadequate education. This notion lead to the development of this benchmark study to present the need for improved discharge education in the ED.

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Summer 8-9-2020

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