Management of COPD patients can cost hospitals approximately $308,502 per month. This is based on a single COPD readmission encounter costing $7,500 and estimated daily expenses of $2,883 (Davis, 2023; Hegwer, 2018). This executive summary outlines a clinician education program held at a community hospital in West Texas to promote patient quality care by encouraging healthcare professionals to use evidence-based chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) care bundles. Eighteen physicians and nurse practitioners attended the program. Then, a survey was conducted to assess the impact of the proposed program. Most attendees said they would incorporate care bundles in COPD care.

Internal records indicated that the study hospital has an average of 66 COPD-related, 19 of which are readmissions 30 days post-discharge in a month. A wide range of empirical data confirmed that using care bundles reduced COPD patients’ hospital LOS and RAR by two days and up to 87%, respectively (Ridwan et al., 2019; Zhong et al., 2022). When implementing COPD care bundles, significant monthly cost savings are possible (Kendra et al., 2023). This can be achieved by raising awareness of the benefits and encouraging healthcare professionals to use care bundles (Morton et al., 2019). The overall cost of the clinician education program is $3,760 (Hegwer, 2018). With a substantial reduction in LOS and RAR, the organization can save $304,742 for the first month or $3,656,904 for the first fiscal year. Other advantages are improved patient outcomes, better patient satisfaction ratings, efficient resource allocation, and improved quality care (Atwood et al., 2022).

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Spring 4-23-2024

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