In response to ongoing overcrowding in emergency departments, it is imperative to explore effective strategies for mitigating the capacity crises. The purpose of this project is to investigate and implement throughput strategies for a large level 1 trauma emergency department in Houston’s Texas Medical Center. The proposal involves launching a process improvement project to identify opportunity potential for two main interventions: 1. Patient classification for split clinical pathways 2. Dedicated liaison role for throughput responsibilities. The review aims to answer the question: In emergency department patients, how does the implementation of a dedicated throughput liaison compared to a split flow clinical pathway process affect the overall patient length of stay? Both interventions hold significant potential for positively impacting patient throughput. By systematically evaluating these approaches, the project seeks to provide evidence-based recommendations to inform decision-making, decrease emergency length of stay, and improve the quality of care at the hospital.

Date of publication

Spring 4-21-2024

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MSN Capstone Project



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Masters in Nursing