The escalating rates of adolescent suicide globally, coupled with the surge in pediatric hospitalization rates, underscore the urgent need for effective intervention strategies. Despite hospitalization, many patients persist in experiencing suicidal ideation and behaviors, often leading to readmissions. A significant portion of these individuals do not receive adequate outpatient mental health follow-up care post-discharge. As a leading pediatric healthcare institution committed to delivering exemplary care, particularly to those struggling with mental health challenges, the organization’s commitment demands proactive measures.

The attached proposal aims to establish an organizational policy to reduce 30-day readmission rates among adolescents with persistent suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Key strategies involve enhancing patient and caregiver education, promoting adherence to post-discharge care plans, and fostering compliance with outpatient mental health follow-up recommendations. Following the Knowledge-to-Action (K2A) model, the project spans four phases over 18 months, with phase one focusing on policy development, stakeholder engagement, and educational material creation. Pilot testing and data analysis occur during phase two, followed by policy revisions during phase three. Phases two and three are iterative, allowing for repeated cycles of implementation and refinement. The final phase includes a sustained implementation period and a comprehensive feasibility and sustainability assessment for future policy roll-out across Katy, Woodlands, and Austin community campuses.

Regular assessment and feedback mechanisms will monitor policy effectiveness. Data collection and analysis will track 30-day readmission rates and employee protocol adherence. Internal stakeholder feedback will be solicited via electronic surveys to assess the policy’s impact on workflow and perceived patient benefits.

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Spring 4-19-2024

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MSN Capstone Project



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Masters in Nursing Administration