The overall aim of this project, based upon the best available evidence, clinical experience of oncology nurses, and patient preferences for information about palliative care, is to propose the creation and initiation of a protocol which empowers oncology/palliative care nurses to be able to initiate early discussions about palliative care for patients with advanced stage cancer (III-IV) diagnoses.

By having frank conversations surrounding palliative care early on in the treatment process, patients are better able to make informed decisions about treatment, depending on the trajectory their disease takes. Such conversations provide patients with a clearer picture of what is likely expected as they continue on their cancer journey. Through creating a better understanding of what the service of palliative care can offer, with patients understanding that is can be an adjuvant to treatment, and through squashing the notion that palliative care is the “final resort” for supportive treatment measures

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Spring 4-19-2020

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MSN Capstone Project



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Masters of Science in Nursing Administration

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