Critically ill patients often have complex injuries to multiple organ systems creating barriers to mobilization and a decrease in functional status (Bergbower et al., 2020). Early mobilization (EM) in hospitalized patients has shown to improve patient outcomes and decrease length of stay (LOS) (Bergbower et al., 2020). The link between EM and LOS is one that warrants further investigation with the PICOT question: In critically ill patients (P), how does early mobilization (I), compared to standard mobility (C) improve patient outcomes (O) over a three-month period (T)? The purpose of this paper is to discuss the rationale for the benchmark project, present a review of literature that provides evidence for change, discuss key stakeholders that are directly and indirectly effected by the change project, discuss the plan for implementation and evaluation, and project recommendations.

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Summer 8-6-2023

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MSN Capstone Project



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Master of Science in Nursing Administration

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Early Mobilization Presentation