Because of the nature of a benchmark project, unfortunately concrete data is unavailable, thus preventing actual conclusions to be drawn from an implemented project. However, the proposed and expected outcomes from the implementation of a the project described within this paper are believed to be overwhelmingly positive based on the gathered evidence reviewed here within. Based on the gathered evidence, it is highly recommended to proceed with the project as explained. Because early prone positioning occurs while the patient is awake, the patient maintains the ability to consent for themselves whether or not they would like to participate in early prone positioning. Throughout implementation, various patients and their charts will be screened and reviewed by the trained personnel to determine eligibility. Of course, due to the individual nature of prone positioning, evaluation will take place at various times for each patient. Evaluation will be conducted by the process defined within this project. It is my strong belief that the outcomes will be evaluated at having a beneficial effect on the patients involved. Once outcomes have been evaluated and a thorough, professional report has been generated describing the project as proposed, evidence should be disseminated appropriately to other facilities looking to implement a change such as this for COVID-19 patients. As we consider this disease process as a whole and the toll it has taken on healthcare workers, countless patients, and society as a whole across the globe, any efforts taken to mitigate the risks and negative outcomes of COVID-19 should be considered and embraced with open minds and open arms as we seek to be prepared to face respiratory disease moving forward.

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Summer 8-6-2023

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MSN Capstone Project (Local Access)



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Master of Science in Nursing Education