The plan for this benchmark project is based on healthcare outcomes, or collaboration among departments when having access to Quality Improvement (QI) data. This topic addresses how healthcare leaders in an integrated healthcare system can improve patient outcomes by driving practice and description of the clinical issue to improve processes. To create a culture of quality and safety, a nurse administrator must recognize, analyze, and mitigate errors to ensure the effectiveness of the department. The adoption of evidence-based quality improvement practices will lead to improved patient outcomes.

The suggested benchmark project would create a database of patient feedback surveys for patients who are being treated for type 2 diabetes. Creating monthly interdisciplinary review meetings, in which the nurse administrators will discuss these quality improvement initiatives and results, will address the unmet need, and lead to informed decisions that will positively affect healthcare outcomes or collaboration among departments. These survey findings, which would be evaluated monthly by the nurse leadership team, would help determine needed changes in processes and practices, leading to increased patient satisfaction, improved outcomes, and reimbursement by payers. I recommend that after discussing the results at these monthly meetings, the lead nurse administrator should make changes to practices in the following month.

A plan of action will be proposed to the hospital’s executive leadership team. By utilizing QI, this project’s results will improve healthcare by increasing patient satisfaction, leading to improved safety and quality outcomes and a unified multidisciplinary response. Outcomes will improve by implementing this change over the next several weeks. The business case is strong, and the clinical evidence will confirm that we would be the only hospital system in this area, thereby setting the stage for success. The results of this proposal will be cost-effective, improve clinical outcomes, and save the hospital money. I therefore seek administrative support for your endorsement.

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Spring 4-13-2023

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MSN Capstone Project (Local Access)



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Masters in Nursing Administration