Having a baby can be a beautiful thing, but sometimes it’s not all sunshine and roses. Birth sometimes does not go smoothly, and sometimes it happens way too soon. The babies that need help at birth all end up in the neonatal ICU requiring differing levels of care. This is never what anyone plans, and therefore can cause lots of stress to new parents trying to navigate not only being new parents, but suddenly thrust into a world of medical uncertainty. Creating an environment that focuses on family centered care is vital to healthy role transition. The presence of a patient and family advisory council (PFAC) can help reduce this stress on parents and lead to better care and outcomes for the infants as well. It can also lead to improved patient satisfaction scores if parents are able to feel well supported by the staff. This council will be comprised of a diverse group of former parents and families who will meet to discuss and give input on unit operations. They can give their insight into how changes might affect families. Giving these former families a voice for the collective current parent will ensure that any changes keep family centered care at the forefront of care delivery. The cost of implementation is low, due to the council positions being volunteer based. By using patient satisfaction scores which are already collected, as well as qualitative pre- and post-intervention surveys, the implementation team will be able to show the effectiveness of this council and provide rationale for indefinite continuation.

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Spring 4-13-2023

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MSN Capstone Project



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