The Covid pandemic influenced the world in many ways that we still witness a need for recovery. One significant concern that remains apparent is the culture change within the healthcare system. This study is directed to cover only one aspect of this culture change but remains to be a very significant topic for the nursing workforce (AHC Media, 2021). Even though we have managed to find a downward trend of Covid cases, the pandemic has devastated nursing retention to well established facilities. There is currently an exodus of nurses in high acuity departments or simply bedside nursing entirely. This causes a development of additional problematic concerns. Nurses are currently burnout and feel unsupported by their employers causing a substantial staffing shortage (Forde-Johnston & Stoermer, 2022). With consideration of the literature assessed and the presence of the standing dilemma a benchmark study was generated to assist in quality improvement. The question remains what would be beneficial to invest time and budget to implement a positive culture change. The benchmark study is designed to answer the question, (P) Do nurses in acute care settings find (I) organizations that offer retention drivers (C) compared to organizations that do not offer retention drivers (O) effectively help staff retention and morale (T) after the effects of Covid in healthcare today?

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Fall 12-4-2022

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MSN Capstone Project



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msn nursing education