The purpose of this benchmark, evidence-based practice project is to evaluate the utility of medication adherence app for transplant recipients to reduce rejection. Studies have shown that medication apps can improve adherence, reduce transplant rejection, and be helpful to patients. The Perx Health app rewards patients for taking their medications, provides patients with reminders, and provides healthcare providers with data from patients. The Perx app will be implemented at a single, large volume, pediatric transplant center. Historical data related to rejection rates and medication level variability indexes will be compared to data collected after app implementation. In addition, patient surveys will be collected to better understand patient perspectives on the app. After one year, data collected will be analyzed and compared to historical data. The results of this project will be disseminated so that medication app implementation may be considered for other patients with chronic conditions.

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Fall 12-4-2022

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MSN Capstone Project



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Masters in Nursing Administration

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