Through extensive research on the importance of hand off communication in the PACU setting a correlation between patient safety and hand off report was found. Lack of a standardized hand off communication report in the PACU setting may lead to compromised patient safety and negative patient outcomes. In year 2021- 2022, the PACU there had several occurrences of miscommunication that were considered “near misses” in their incident reporting system. The objective of this capstone project is to investigate if utilizing a standardized hand off communication tool to guide healthcare professionals when transferring patient care to the next provider will mitigate the occurrence of omitted patient information or miscommunication in the PACU setting. The results of the narrative review recommend a pre-implementation and post implementation observational study to be performed in the PACU setting. Implications of this study will identify specific areas of communication improvement and measure the effectiveness of implemented communication hand off tools. Participant surveys and incident reporting systems will be used in this study. The study results may lead to the development or revision of current facility policies regarding hand off report between healthcare professionals that will promote consistent, accurate, and vital patient information needed to provide safe patient care.

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Fall 12-3-2022

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MSN Capstone Project



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Master of Science in Nursing Administration

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