The change project we are presenting is the IRIS-Nursing Strong program. IRIS stands for: Increasing, Reason & Relaxation, Implementation, Strategies all aimed to prevent nursing burnout. The Iris flower symbolizes hope and strength as nurses are healthcare providers who constantly provide that hope and strength to their patients. We plan to develop this program in the workplace to infuse that hope and strength back into the nurses who spend so much time taking care of others. The goal is to offer a non-judgmental environment, recognize early signs of distress in ourselves and our peers, provide support, learn relaxation strategies, and encourage nurses to use their employer’s mental health services.

Throughout our research, we have identified several studies demonstrating a significant decrease in nursing burnout when implementing workplace initiatives. Psychosocial support, coping strategies, and mindfulness-based programs enhance nurses’ self-esteem, improving trust and communication. The results show that in workplaces where nurses participate, the work environment transforms into a support network in which the staff desires to be active participants resulting in better patient care and enhanced commitment (Green et al., 2021; li et al., 2018; Velando-Soriano et al., 2018).

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Fall 11-29-2022

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MSN Capstone Project



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