In the past 6 months, the Emergency Department at the George Washington University Hospital has onboarded over twice as many new-to-practice nurses as experienced emergency nurses. Studies suggest that these new-to-practice nurses often are deficient in clinical judgment, and our observations at our hospital support these findings. Researchers have found that onboarding programs that include simulation have success in improving clinical judgment, and advocate for its use. Simulation gives another angle to the onboarding program in addition to preceptorship and classroom learning, and allows participants to bridge the gap between theory and practice safely and without fear of harming a patient. Therefore, an evidence-based project using simulation to improve clinical judgment in new-to-practice emergency nurses should be employed at our hospital.

The project will take an estimated 10 to 12 weeks to complete. Pre- and post-intervention data will be gathered using the Lasater Clinical Judgment Rubric and statistical analysis will be performed to ensure objective measurement of success. The intervention of simulation will target new-to-practice emergency nurses who have been practicing for a year or less. If successful, this program could be easily altered to expand throughout the Critical Care Nurse Internship program to other critical care areas such as the intensive care unit.

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Spring 4-17-2022

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