The development of a pressure injury is one of the many adverse events that can occur amongst hospitalized patients. Pressure injuries remain a great safety concern for both patients and healthcare organizations due to the negative impacts that can be associated with their occurrence. Pressure injuries can cause devastating impacts to a patient’s quality of life, and they can cause significant financial burdens for organizations. Due to the complex nature of healthcare reimbursement, the need to improve patient outcomes, the need to maximize patient safety, and the need to reduce costs, there is an enhanced interest to reduce the incidence of pressure injuries amongst hospitalized patients.

With the many advancements in healthcare services, there are numerous pressure injury prevention methods; however, many are not used collectively. This benchmark project focuses on the implementation of a standardized pressure injury prevention bundle to decrease the incidence of pressure injuries in the hospital study. A literature review concluded that a pressure injury prevention bundle was more effective in reducing pressure injuries amongst hospitalized patients rather than an isolated intervention. A successful project would include a decreased incidence of pressure injuries and an increased awareness among the staff regarding pressure injuries and how to prevent them. With the rising need for healthcare services and the many advancements made in the healthcare industry, it is crucial that pressure injury prevention be a priority to ensure comfort, provide quality care, and achieve positive patient outcomes.

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Fall 12-5-2021

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