The purpose of this benchmark study is to determine the effectiveness of antiseptic barrier cap use compared to the previously excepted standard of scrubbing the hub for disinfection. The target audience for this presentation includes, but is not limited to, the University of Texas at Tyler students and professors. The readers of this study will be able to implement an evidence-based research project of antiseptic barrier caps to a hospital unit.

There has been significant effort toward the reduction of hospital acquired infections across the United States. Up to half of the postinsertion central-line associated blood stream infections are related to inadequate disinfection of the catheter hub. The prior accepted standard of scrubbing the hub for disinfection has many variables associated with use. Antiseptic barrier caps are associated with a decreased rate of central-line associated blood stream infection. As supported by the research, it is recommended that the use of antiseptic barrier caps be implemented as the standard of care for the disinfection process of central line catheter hubs.

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Fall 12-5-2021

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MSN Capstone Project



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