Fatigue is perceived as one of the dominant symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) along with the pain that affects activities of daily life. RA-related fatigue was also described as unpredictable in its severity, duration, frequency, and intensity (Primdahl et al., 2019). The fatigue can mean feeling overwhelmed with feeling tired, unmotivated, increased pain, lack of concentration, or not getting enough sleep to combat the feeling of being tired (Choy & Dures, 2019). According to Widemark (2014), it is estimated that 40% to nearly 90% of RA patients experience chronic fatigue. The fatigue can happen at any time with RA. It is reported during remission and during flare-ups of joint pain and swelling. The physiological and psychological impact that fatigue has on a patients’ daily life should equally be addressed. There are medications to slow joint deformity and reduce pain, but there is no medication or defined regimen for the management of RA-related fatigue.

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Fall 12-5-2021

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