Skin antisepsis is one of the most critical factors for preventing postoperative surgical site infections, but with the lack of high-quality research, the choice of which preoperative skin antiseptic is best remains a puzzling problem for clinicians (Chen, Chen, Guo, & Xu, 2020). Minimizing the patient’s risk of a surgical site infection by removing skin contaminants at the surgical site is the goal of surgical skin antisepsis. Therefore, the hospital or organization must choose the right product that is cutting costs, is the most effective, saving surgical time, and has the safest results for the patient. Before prepping the skin, perioperative nurses must complete a thorough assessment and verify allergies or any contraindications to using an antiseptic. Perioperative nurses play a critical role in decreasing surgical site infections. Since surgical skin antisepsis is primarily a nursing task, nurses should assist in the selection of which product to use and develop a standardized protocol that applies to surgical skin antisepsis adhering to evidence-based recommendations.

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Fall 12-5-2021

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MSN Capstone Project



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Masters in Nursing Education