Nursing research and evidence-based practice are an essential part of the nursing profession. This paper includes discussion of the evidence to support an evidence-based benchmark project using a video to educate caregivers on how to care for a child experiencing a fever and an overview of the proposed project process. Fever has been shown to cause parental anxiety, and caregivers tend to seek medical help due to lack of education on how to care for a child with a fever (Bertille et al., 2018; Gunduz et al., 2016). The following PICOT question is the foundation of the proposed benchmark project: in parents of children seen in a pediatric emergency room with a chief complaint of fever (P), how does parental education using a video on management of fever in children (I) compared to no video education about fever management (C) affect parent’s knowledge of fever and its management (O) over 3 months (T)? This benchmark project looks at the use of a five-minute educational video on fever and its management to supplement standard verbal and written instructions given at discharge. The goal of the project is to increase knowledge on how to care for children experiencing a febrile illness. Increased knowledge will be determined by looking at pretest and post test scores between the groups. By increasing knowledge, we can decrease parental fear and anxiety related to fevers which has the potential to decrease unnecessary hospital visits in the future.

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Spring 4-25-2021

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