Topic: Administrative Interventions to Increase New Graduate Nurse Retention

PICOT Question: In acute care units (P), how do employee engagement interventions from nursing administration (I) compared to no employee engagement interventions (C) affect new nurse turnover (O) within 3 months of hire (T)?

Rationale: New nurse retention and turnover is arguably the most significant factor affecting health administrators on a regular basis. This issue becomes even more pertinent as it is estimated that up to 40% of the nursing workforce is expected to retire within the next decade with new nurses becoming the best option to replace them. Administrative nursing interventions can have a multilevel effect on units and facilities that implement them as a positive correlation between formalized administrative interventions and organizational support for new nurses leads to decreased nurse turnover and improved job satisfaction.

Brief Proposal: Adapt and revise current new nurse hire orientation programs and include evidence-based administrative nursing interventions to improve nurse turnover rates as well as job satisfaction and competency amongst new nurse hires.

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Spring 4-20-2021

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MSN Capstone Project



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Masters in Nursing Administration

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