The dawn of the Information Age has provided rapid advances in technology that have improved lives and produced better tools for caring for each other. Nursing has begun to employ many of these new technologies and nurses are at the forefront of deciding how these innovations might best help patients. New technologies have made their way into schools of nursing and students are benefitting from improved learning experiences. Nursing faculty are leading the way in providing new learning opportunities to students through a multitude of technological advances. One of these advances is podcasting. Podcasting provides students the ability to listen, watch, download and manipulate content in ways that best serve their learning needs.

The purpose of this program of study was to examine how technology impacts nursing practice and education. A state-of-the-science paper explored the use of wearable technology as well as provided guidance into how nurses can develop more of these devices. This data ignited a desire to learn about how technology, specifically podcasting, is used in nursing education through the experiences of faculty as well as students. Results from this analysis led to a quasi-experimental research study delving into the use of podcasting for Associate Degree Nursing students. While the results did not reveal a statistically significant improvement in outcomes, a close analysis of the data suggests that further research is warranted to determine if the use of podcasting as a learning supplement may benefit future generations of nursing students.

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Barbara Haas, Jenifer Chilton, Jerri Post, Travis Irby


Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing

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