Technology is an essential tool used in nursing academia. The rapid changes in technology and required adaptations can result in technostress, but little research exists about technostress among nurse educators. Gaps in this area of research generated several questions regarding the adaption to technology among nurse faculty and the impact technology has on stress, system use, job satisfaction, and intent to stay in the profession. This dissertation explored technostress and its influence on technology use, acceptance, job satisfaction, and intention to stay within the profession. Included are two manuscripts. The first is a concept analysis of technostress. The second manuscript is a research study report on the effects of technology acceptance on 1,017 nursing faculty using hierarchical regression. Three regression analyses involved up to seven predictors and their potential influence on technology use, job satisfaction, and intent to stay. Results yielded multiple factors that influence nursing faculty use of electronic learning technology.

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Fall 11-1-2015

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