Elder abuse is a serious issue that negatively affects physical and mental health in a significant portion of the older population. Abuse of older adults is not adequately detected or reported. Nurses have frequent contact with older victims of abuse, providing them the opportunity to play a significant role in detecting, reporting, and intervening in such cases. Nurses are reluctant to intervene due to lack of education on elder abuse and lack of self-efficacy in their ability to properly manage elder abuse. This quantitative, descriptive study was designed to determine whether educational content on elder abuse, perceived capability, and self-efficacy affected actions on reporting elder abuse by registered nurses. This study used an online survey to obtain data. Findings from this study indicated there is an interaction of educational content on reporting actions of elder abuse by registered nurses. There is a need to further examine the issue of reporting elder abuse by registered nurses to determine in more detail which factors affect reporting of suspected cases of abuse.

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Spring 5-13-2015

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