Kim L. Armour


Problem: A state of the science surrogate pregnancy manuscript revealed a dearth of research regarding intended parents of surrogate pregnancy. Not one U.S. study could be located. Intended parents are overlooked by the healthcare system during pregnancy due to the fact that that their surrogate is receiving obstetric care. Research was proposed and completed. Purpose: The aim of the research was to fill a gap by improving our understanding of intended parents lived experience during surrogate pregnancy and transition to parenthood with relation to the United States healthcare system Design: A study of phenomenology using van Manen's methodology Participants: Eleven intended parents of surrogate pregnancy Setting: All interviews were conducted by telephone, with the exception of one that was done utilizing SKYPE video conferencing. x Analysis: van Manen's three prong approach to analysis was completed across all transcripts, identifying common or repetitive themes. Themes were coded and hermeneutic expressions were attached for the final phase of analysis, the narrative writing. Findings: Five overarching themes were identified including Knowledge Acquisition and Preparedness; Access to the U.S. Healthcare System; Financial Risk and Exposure; Legal Complexities and Trust in Relationships. Conclusion: Findings support the development of evidence based practice guidelines for the following periods: preconception, pregnancy including labor, delivery, birth and transition to parenthood. Recommendations are for future studies related to ART and third party reproduction, as well as enhancing models of care for the intended parent during surrogate pregnancy and transition to parenthood.

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Spring 4-25-2012

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