Jamil Norman


Nurse educators have been faced with the challenge of providing adequate clinical preparation for nursing students. Implementation of simulation-based learning (SBL) has been used to meet these challenges. Current research indicates that students and faculty are both satisfied with simulation; however, faculty concerns with improving student learning during SBL have led to a research intervention on the use of an Observation Guide. The purpose of this research was to examine differences in knowledge, self-confidence, satisfaction, and collaboration between baccalaureate nursing students using an Observation Guide when observing a simulated clinical experience (SCE) and those observers without an Observation Guide. Additionally, to meet the challenges of large class sizes and decreases in faculty, the 2-minute drills were formulated to incorporate SBL into the large lecture format. The purpose of the 2-minute drills is to bridge the gap between didactic and clinical learning. Implementation of an Observation Guide and the 2-minute drills were designed to engage the student observer and modify simulation in order to accommodate large numbers of students. These methods contribute to meeting challenges faced by nurse educators.

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Spring 5-3-2012

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