When nursing students fail and are required to repeat a course in a pre-licensure nursing program, they are at risk for attrition. While nursing student attrition is a problem with recognized consequences to the student, school, and profession, the incidence of students who fail a required course and need to repeat it has had little attention. Despite research addressing students' experiences with course failure, little describes strategies and interventions to support the retention and success of these students. The first manuscript, Student Repeaters in Baccalaureate Nursing Programs: A Concept Analysis, provided a foundation that enhanced the conceptual understanding of nursing students repeating a course. A review of the literature discovered minimal information documenting the frequency of student repeaters and measures to ensure their success after failure; therefore, the second manuscript, Course Repetition in Pre-licensure Nursing Students: A Scoping Review, provides a critique and synthesis of available literature on course repetition in pre-licensure nursing students. The third manuscript, The Relationship between Perceived Stress and Academic Self-Efficacy to the Academic Performance of Undergraduate Nursing Students, presents the primary research study. A descriptive, correlational design was used to examine the relationships between perceived stress and academic self-efficacy to undergraduate nursing students' academic performance. Quantitative data was collected from demographic surveys, the student nurse stress index (SNSI), and the academic self-efficacy scale (ASES). Data were analyzed using t-tests and logistic regression analyses. Statistically significant associations between perceived stress, academic self-efficacy, and select demographic characteristics collectively predicted the academic performance of undergraduate nursing students.

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