Objective: The purpose of this body of work was to explore relationships among emotional intelligence (EI) and interprofessional (IP) competency domains to enhance IP team dynamics and communication.

Background: Decentralization of healthcare delivery may hinder effective handoffs creating opportunity for miscommunication of vital information and subsequent medical errors. Fostering effective communication is paramount for IP teams; however, differing communication styles can promote misunderstanding and conflict. Behavioral aspects of team dynamics and communication that comprise EI may be a solution but are rarely addressed in educational and safety programs.

Methods: Included in this portfolio are three manuscripts that help elucidate the relationships among EI and IP competencies. Chapter 2 begins with a cross-walked matrix of EI and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) professional competencies. Chapter 3 introduces a framework for connecting EI and IP competencies through the “Meshing Emotional Intelligence Determinants and Interprofessional Collaborative Competencies” (MEDICC) model. Chapter 4 explains the two-phased study exploring the relationships among EI competencies and IP communication, teamwork and leadership competencies.

Results: Although most findings did not reach significance, likely due to small sample size, it is notable that SA, SM, and SOA together explained 73% of the variance in RM. Also, collectively EI domains accounted for over 40% of the variance in each IP competency. Finally, IPC and IPT explained 73% of the variance in IPL.

Conclusion: This portfolio supports further consideration of including EI in IP team education and subsequent safety programming to enhance work environment as well as in future research.

Date of publication

Spring 1-19-2022

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Dr. Eleen Fineout-Overholt; Dr. Jennifer Chilton; Dr. Leslie Robbins


Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing