This work explores the healthcare and related experiences of sexual and gender minority (SGM) people. This population faces unique challenges in addressing their health needs. In the context of these challenges, the health outcomes are often poorer than those of heterosexuals. SGM subpopulations experience unique disparities making healthcare needs more complex and necessitating an understanding of SGMs’ being. Essential to addressing SGMs’ healthcare needs is the healthcare provider’s (HCP’s) knowledge of sexual and gender minority status. The first manuscript in this portfolio dissertation, Fostering Sexual and Gender Minority Status in Patients, provides an overview of the issues surrounding disclosure to healthcare providers or lack thereof. The paper illustrates what the current literature suggests as strategies for successful disclosure. The second manuscript, Considering the Needs of Older Sexual and Gender Minority People, provides insight into the intricacies or nuanced needs specific to subpopulations of sexual and gender minority people. In this case, older sexual minority people. The third manuscript, It’s always a question for me…: Disclosing Sexual and Gender Minority Status, represents the research undertaken. A comparative, multiple case vii study was completed to further understand the phenomenon of sexual and gender minority disclosure to healthcare providers.

Fostering sexual and gender minority status disclosure in patients is originally published in Nurse Practitioner, here: doi: 10.1097/01.NPR.0000559846.83872.da

Considering the needs of older sexual and gender minority people is originally published in The Journal for Nurse practitioners, here: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.nurpra.2019.11.013

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Spring 5-19-2020

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Beth Mastel-Smith, RN, PhD; Cathy Miller, RN, PhD; Carmen Cruz, PsyD


Doctor of Philosophy

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