Strokes and cerebral vascular accidents (CVAs) and related disease events are an unfortunate circumstance that inflicts individuals around the world and impacts people every day as individuals and their caregivers. The consequences of these strokes or CVA events are life-changing for all those involved. As a result of long-term disability related to strokes, the caregiver may undergo many emotional, psychological, and physical factors that impact their daily lives. There is a relatively short period of time to react to the necessary change and as a result there may be differences in coping associated with these unexpected health circumstances. Many stoke victims experience motor, cognitive, emotional, and psycho-social deficits and their caregivers may not be prepared for these abrupt life altering effects. The impact for caregivers, factors impacting strokes, and solutions for care will be addressed in the paper. Evidence suggests that post fatigue stroke (PFS) may be triggered by a dysfunction of the stress system. Family caregivers with a low level of social engagement may be more likely to perceived stress, and increased risk for caregiver role strain.


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Fall 8-10-2023



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Schlemmer, T. (2023) Impact of Strokes: The Burden of Care, Post-CVA Fatigue & Caregiver Role Strain. Open Journal of Nursing, 13, 487- 499. https://doi.org/10.4236/ojn.2023.138032



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