Purpose: The prevalence of occupational burnout is high amongst service professionals and the nursing profession is no different. The rate of occupational burnout amongst nursing professionals and medical professionals is high. The themes or impact of occupational burnout amongst Nurse Practitioners is not well described in the literature. Herein this article describes the investigation into the issue of nurse practitioners and occupational burnout.

Data Sources: Scientific literature review, CINHAHL Complete and other online literature databases and resources. A State of the Science systematic review was conducted to further examine this issue to identify the prevalence of the problem amongst nurse practitioners, to identify factors or specific areas of concern, and to investigate if nurse practitioners’ outcomes toward occupational burnout as they align with similar focus areas in medical practice.

Conclusion: The literature results suggest that higher demands, lower resources, and lower adaptive organizational attitudes are associated with burnout. Themes for female gender, role as a generalist, in family practice or as faculty revealed increased burnout risk. Environment, personal characteristics and qualities are implicated as specific variables accelerating the risk for burnout.

Implications for Practice: The environment, locus of control factors (internal and external) and how nurse practitioners and women providers, are perceived impact care delivery for those directly associated and ultimately impact occupational burnout amongst nurse practitioners.


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Gavin Pulishers

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Spring 5-29-2020



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Schlemmer T (2020) Nurse Practitioner Occupational Burnout: A Focus on the Variables and Themes. Int J Nurs Health Care Res 03: 1160. DOI: 10.29011/2688-9501.101160

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