"Flipping the classroom" is gaining in popularity. The flipped classroom permits active learning and student engagement whereby the traditional class time is transformed into an active learning experience in which students can apply knowledge and interact with their peers and perform "hands-on" activities. This descriptive phenomenological study focused on the lived experiences of nursing faculty implementing a flipped classroom into the medical/surgical curriculum. The faculty's experience with implementing and adapting to non-traditional teaching learning methods of the "flipped"classroom in their medical/surgical classes is shared. The themes expressed by faculty are presented in the two overall categories of: Faculty concerns and Faculty benefits. Lastly, lessons learned and recommendations are also presented.


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Hermanns, M., Deal, B., & Post, J. (2015). Faculty experience of flipping the classroom: Lessons learned. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, Vol. 5(No. 10), 79-85. doi:10.5430/jnep.v5n10p79

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