This manuscript highlights benefits of service-learning (SL) as a promising pedagogical approach to improving teaching and learning in college classrooms. Drawing on the collective experiences of integrating SL projects in university courses, the authors share a framework aimed at assisting faculty in higher education in designing, implementing, and evaluating SL projects across diverse higher education courses. A case example illustrating how SL projects can be infused in a graduate course is offered, and recommendations are provided for faculty who wish to integrate SL projects with the goal of improving teaching and learning in their college courses.


This article is originally published in the Journal of Service-Learning in Higher Education, here: https://journals.sfu.ca/jslhe/index.php/jslhe/article/view/178/101


The Journal of Service-Learning in Higher Education, the University of Louisiana System

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Deal, B. J., Hermanns, M., Marzilli, C., Fountain, R., Mokhtari, K., & McWhorter, R. R. (2020). A faculty-friendly framework for improving teaching and learning through service-learning. Journal of Service-Learning in Higher Education, 10(2020), 3–11. http://journals.sfu.ca/jslhe/index.php/jslhe/article/view/178

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