Some research studies indicate that small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have had mixed success in the adoption of information technology innovations in the past as compared to larger organizations. However if SMEs can successfully adopt advanced Internet-based technologies then they may be able to overcome some of their inherent limitations and improve their ability to compete with larger organizations in today’s global marketplace. SMEs differ widely in the degree to which they have adopted advanced Internet-based technologies. This study focuses on only one Internet-based technology that a SME may choose to adopt: a web site. A research framework is developed based upon Rogers’ Innovation Diffusion Theory and is used to interpret the results of a case study of SME web site adoption. The study findings illustrate the utility of Rogers' Innovation Diffusion Theory for exploring this complex innovation adoption phenomenon. In addition, the study findings suggest that personal innovativeness may be an important factor to include in future studies. An analysis of the case study findings also suggest actions that change agents could take to increase the likelihood of successful web site adoption among SMEs.


Published in Issues in Information Systems, at: https://doi.org/10.48009/1_iis_2011_382-391


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