Kerron James


A variety of low cost prosthetic feet exist, but sufficient data on these kinds of feet is limited. This study evaluated the effects of the Niagara Foot™ on an amputee performing walking tasks. Specifically, the study determined the effects of this foot on the amputee's residual knee compared to the amputees current prosthetic foot. An active transtibial amputee was used to perform walking tasks across a force plate to collect ground reaction forces of the amputee while wearing the Niagara Foot and the Ottobock® 1C31+ Trias. Motion capture was used to record the amputee's movements in the room. The data collected was used to determine the amputee's residual limb knee moment with each foot. The purpose of this investigation was to further research in the area of prosthetics used in developing countries.

Date of publication

Summer 7-31-2013

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