Below is a list of all graduate poster presentations, listed in alphabetical order. Each contain a five minute video of the poster presentation and PDF of the poster.

List of Posters

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A Warning Unheeded: Psychological Intimate Partner Violence Among College Students

Rawda Tomoum
Melanie Rawls

Barriers to acceptance of the COVID-19 Vaccine: A Literature Review

David Foote
Katie Gray
Julissa Gonzalez
Casey Abernathy

Evaluation of paliperidone palmitate injection site in an acute behavioral unit

Gloria Adewola

Exploring the Relationship Between Anxious and Depressive Symptoms, Engagement with Beauty, and Life Satisfaction

Joanna Fagan

Is What We See What We Get? Rethinking Prototypical Leadership

Amanda Legate
Nolan Sosa

Motivating Factors for Pharmacy Student Leadership: A Literature Review

David Foote

Performance Analysis of Triboelectric Energy Harvester Designs for Knee Implants

Mohammad Atmel
Cody Athey

Pharmacologic Management of Steroid-Induced Psychosis: A Review of Patient Cases

Grace Huynh

Processing Speed Mediates Age Cohort and Prospective Memory Performance

Carmen Chek
Danielle R. Hardesty
Luke Childers
Trisha L. Glover
Ashley Van Dusen
Sydni S. Shorter
Allyson M. Coldiron
Michael D. Barnett

Review of Factors impacting Mental Health of LGBT Individuals following Sexual Violence

Priyanshi Chhabra

Service-Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Mandi Laurie

Survey on the Knowledge, Perception and Use of CBD Among UT Tyler Students

Amy Hendrix

Talking About and Preparing for Death Among Older Adults

Micheal J. Persin
Rachel Donnell
Lauren J. Bennett-Leleux
Emily V. Flores
Jacquelyn A. Flair
Kessie K. Mollenkopf
Lance B. Barela

Travel Demand Forecasting to Predict Parking Behavior At University Campuses: A Case Study at The University of Texas at Tyler

Sohil Paudel, University of Texas at Tyler