This paper offers that organizational underachievement sourced to workplace expertise is a product of bounded perspective constructed by the agency of expertise. Embedded in any bounded perspective is limitations to what can be seen. Organizations that seek to leverage expertise solely on their agency risk organizational silofication. We conclude that recognizing organizational silofication is an opportunity for organizations to address organizational underachievement by addressing the perspectives that create the hidden impediments limiting their overall potential.


This paper offers a viewpoint that workplace expertise may have inherent challenges, not as a product of functional arrangement (silo) but rather a consequence of the bounded perspective from which the ‘expertise’ was developed (e.g. the expertise of a computer programmer is a technical solution drawn from their programing expertise). Moreover, an expert’s bounded perspective is typically reinforced in organizational settings for capital advantage. This paper extends this condition to a process of organizational silofication. This article is originally published in Development and Learning in Organizations, under a Creative Commons BY 4.0 License (http://creativecommons. org/licences/by/4.0)


Emerald Publishing

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Spring 3-28-2022



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Silberman, D., Carpenter, R. E., Cabrera, E., and Kernaleguen, J. (2022). Organizational silofication: A learned and developed impediment to cross-functional success. Development and Learning in Organizations: An International Journal. doi:10.1108/DLO-10-2021-0193