Fear of failure is a common psychological phenomenon when athletes face challenges. Athletes’ career growth and even their mental health will suffer if they are unable to adequately manage their fear of failure. This research aims to investigate the relationship between fear of failure and mental fatigue and the role of emotion regulation in mediating the relationship between fear of failure and mental fatigue. Fear of failure, emotion regulation strategy scale, and mental fatigue scale were used to assess 137 athletes in this research. The relevant results showed that fear of failure does not significantly predict the mental fatigue of athletes (p = 0.418). Cognitive reappraisal and expressive suppression, furthermore, did not play a mediating role between the fear of failure and mental fatigue of athletes (p = 0.369, p = 0.935). Other research, however, found a close relationship between cognitive reappraisal and mental fatigue. It is possible to assume that when athletes are experiencing emotional fluctuation, the degree of mental fatigue of athletes will also be minimized whether they use the emotional regulation strategy of cognitive reappraisal.

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Spring 5-5-2021

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Thesis (Local Only Access)



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