The Female Athlete Triad is a diagnosable medical condition that is under researched and very prevalent in female sports today. The development of the Female Athlete Triad, or any of its components, can negatively impact many aspects of a female athlete’s life. If clinical markers could be identified that indicate future development of the Triad, it could potentially help prevent occurrence of the condition and greatly reduce the number of female’s that have to suffer from it. Menstrual dysfunction could be the leading clinical marker for the future development of the Triad. This meta-analysis seeks to explore the possible association of menstrual dysfunction and the development of the Female Athlete Triad.

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Spring 5-4-2021

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Co-Chair Benjamin Tseng, Ph.D.. Co-Chair Yong Tai Wang, Ph.D., Member Neil Dong, Ph.D.


Masters of Science in Kinesiology