Brianna Moore


Introduction: Adolescent obesity and overweight is now of critical concern for Texas. The aim of this study was to understand the influence of diet- and weight-related behaviors and perceived social norms on weight status in Texas adolescents. Methods: This study analyzed of 2004-2005 School Physical Activity and Nutrition data. Multinomial logistic regression tested the associations between overweight and obese (compared with underweight/normal) and the influence of diet- and weight-related social norms and behaviors, adjusting for demographics. Results: Certain factors were associated with a decreased risk of obesity: (a) Breakfast skipping (Male/Eleventh grade); (b) Adequate dairy consumption (African American/Eighth grade); and (c) Perceiving diet as less healthy than peers (Hispanic/white/other). Discussion: Some findings were consistent with established literature, such as dairy consumption associating with lower BMI. Other findings, such as breakfast skipping and lower BMI, were not. Suggestions to re-examine approaches that aim to halt adolescent obesity are provided.

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Spring 5-7-2012

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