The claim that the late eighteenth century was the "Age of the Ships of the Line" diminishes the importance of the frigate, the other major category of warship in in service during the "Age of Sail." Because the frigates were much smaller, they could not serve in the line of battle that formed the major tactic of large scale naval combat; therefore, they are not featured in the major battles of the era. Despite their relative lack of firepower, frigates should not be discounted. They served an exceptionally important part in both the British Navy and other navies of the era. While the frigates and the ships of the line maintained very different roles, both classes of vessel where indispensable to the British Navy. A multifaceted comparison of the categories will facilitate an appreciation for both groups of vessels without diminishing either the glorious ships of the line or the courageous little frigate.

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Spring 5-1-2015

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