The history of the 70th Ohio is diverse. It is not just a narrative of battles but also of survival, endurance, and an almost unbelievable war record. By the end of the war the 70th Ohio was in the upper echelon of Union Western Theatre Civil War regiments. At the Battle of Shiloh, they helped protect the western flank of the Army of the Tennessee and had perhaps their finest hour of the war. At the Battle of Atlanta, they held their position in the center of the Fifteenth Corps line while Confederates nearly surrounded them. Without their steadfast resolve it is possible the Fifteenth Corps could have been shattered that day. At the Battle of Ezra Church, the 70th Ohio held the center of the Fifteenth Corps line again for five hours and through their actions kept the Fifteenth Corps from being split in two. The 70th Ohio was without a doubt one of the most effective and reliable regiments of the entire Western Theatre of the American Civil War.

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Spring 5-19-2024

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Dr. Matthew Stith, Dr. Mandy Link, Dr. Maddox Rhys Dotson


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