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Fall 9-27-2019

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Standardized testing, MOOCs, automated systems, complex pedagogies, and adoption of all manner of trendy technologies into every classroom situation are currently presented as the "solutions" to current educational challenges. Nonsense. 21st century students certainly interact and engage in entirely new ways, but great teacher/student communication is still at the core of building great learning environments, be they live lectures or entirely digital online courses. There are tons of great new tools out there to facilitate great communication but they should not all be automatically ignored by older generations, nor immediately embraced as a solution in and of themselves. Professor Boyer will share his two decades of experience with new technologies and evolving student mindset in creating both record-breaking super-large live courses, as well as the transition to fully digital courses that actually increase student engagement and flexibility, while serving 3500-4000 students each academic year. The time has come to totally disrupt the standard operating procedure of the classic college classroom by encouraging educators to find their voice (amplified by selective use of technologies suited to them and their subject matter), to focus on bringing passion and inspiration back to the forefront of their profession. When it comes to teachers and technologies: EMBRACE not REPLACE! The best teachers will EMBRACE the technologies that help them better communicate with students, but those technologies will never REPLACE human to human interaction. But blending the best communicators with the best technology has to offer will produce some amazing and unpredictable opportunities!

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